EMPLOYEE'S CORNER: Meet Oludolapo Agbejobi, Member Trekk’s Communication Team

With years of experience, Oludolapo shares valuable insights about effective communication.



5/2/20242 min read

In this exclusive interview, we discussed with Oludolapo Agbejobi, a seasoned communication professional at Trekk. With years of experience, Oludolapo shares valuable insights about effective communication. Oludolapo provides practical tips and real-world examples that can benefit anyone striving to enhance their communication skills.

How would you describe your experience working with Trekk?

Working with Trekk has been great. It has been thrilling and rewarding to work with an organization committed to transforming the mobility space and this has provided exciting challenges and opportunities to engage with diverse audiences across various communities.

Tell us about your greatest accomplishment

Reflecting on my journey, I would say my greatest accomplishment is impacting others around me. This is majorly due to my constant pursuit of development and progress on both personal and professional levels. Whether it's honing my skills, broadening my knowledge, or developing relationships with others, I find satisfaction in the process of improving every day, I have come to realize that I feel a sense of fulfillment every time I assist someone in one way or the other with the knowledge acquired, skills developed or in any way I can. Knowing that I'm improving people's lives, even in tiny ways, makes me feel fulfilled.

As the Communications Manager, how do you ensure you understand someone's perspective during a conversation or meeting?

I ensure I understand someone's perspective by paying attention, seeking clarification, and showing empathy for what they're saying. By doing this, an atmosphere where everyone's voice is respected and heard is fostered. This also enables me to tailor our messaging effectively and build positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

How do you handle communication during a crisis or high-pressure situation?

In times of crisis or high pressure, we place a high value on open and honest communication. Effective communication serves as our lighthouse. To maintain trust and minimize any possible negative effects, we communicate clearly and decisively, while ensuring all stakeholders are given updates.

What have you improved or plan to improve about the communication methods in Trekk?

At Trekk, we're always evolving in our quest for exceptional communication. We continuously improve our processes to better serve all stakeholders. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, we have put in place a more efficient internal communication system that keeps everyone informed. Also, we are currently working on improving our online presence and putting more messaging out there to our current and prospective communities.