Sustainability Spotlight: Trekk is Pioneering Pollution Prevention in Africa

TREKK is shaping a future that is more connected and brighter for the younger generation.


5/14/20242 min read

Trekk steps in as a silent revolution.

Trekk is here as a revolutionary transportation initiative, and the missions are focused on reducing the number of effects of carbon emissions. Trekk is making a positive difference, and this change is aimed at addressing climate change and promoting a sustainable environment that is healthy and safe for everyone.

TREKK’s e-scooters produce zero emissions.

The Trekk e-scooters are powerful weapons against air pollution. This initiative is offering a healthier alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. With TREKK scooters, there is a significant reduction in the carbon footprint in our cities.

Our scooters are not just about wheels on the pavement; they promote community engagement. Trekk is in partnership with universities, industrial hubs, and residential estates to solve the needs of the community for an eco-friendly alternative transportation means.

Climate change mitigation

As riders make use of TREKK scooters, they are indirectly contributing to a healthier environment. Those carbon emissions that would have emanated from tricycles, buses, or motorcycles are prevented, and you are in this little way mitigating climate change. We know that it is a small step for each rider (and little impact), but with a collective ride, our cities will witness a giant leap toward a greener and more sustainable planet.

TREKK takes responsibility for the entire life cycle of its scooters with its Battery Recycling Initiative.

There is a comprehensive recycling initiative at Trekk. There are certified recycling facilities at Trekk to handle each battery with apt care so that they are processed and recycled following the highest environmental standards. Trekk’s commitment to sustainability is top-notch, and it even extends beyond the ride itself.

Impactful Numbers

  • 40,000+ rides have been completed. It means that, in more than 40,000 instances, carbon emissions were prevented.

  • With 7,000+ app users, it means that Trekk is creating a growing community committed to promoting cleaner transportation.

  • With 3,800+ kg of emissions avoided, the kilograms of emissions avoided have contributed positively to a healthier planet for us all.

By prioritizing sustainability, reinventing safer mobility means, and embracing technology, TREKK is shaping a future that is more connected and brighter for the younger generation. So, the next time you take a step to unlock a TREKK scooter, bear in mind that you’re not just riding a scooter; you’re making your little contribution, which is part of a global effort to eliminate pollution, which is the goal of sustainability.